Name: Osama Ibrahim Meshari

Age: 22cropped-cropped-photo-6-9-16-1-37-46-am.jpg

Major: Media Mass Communication TV & Radio

Minor: Anthropology

Work in: Youth Public authority and Youth News Network

Profile: I’m an Videography working with professional Cameras like “Sony , Canon , Blackmagic” also i have some of sound technician with zoom h6 I have a good experience in Video Editing by Adobe Premiere, I worked with many companies and public sector, one of Founders of Youth News Network also i worked in Students Union In Kuwait University with Etelafeya and I was a President of College of life science Student Society in 2016/2017 and President of new comers club in National Union Of Kuwaiti student in Kuwait university in the same year 2016/2017, at this year I transferred from CLS to College of Art

Work Experience:  Worked with BelMokhba company for Advertisement for Swar Shuaib Season 4 As A video Editor from Ep 1 – Ep3 And Sitcom from Ep1 – Ep3 also i shoot video for abyat with them

shooting video for Tamkeen Youth ( Youth Banking Conference March 2015)

Training Course:

1-Professional in short films, Lecturer: Abdulrahman
Al-Bedah, at CAMS Training Center with Roaa team,
on 18-30 May 2015
2- Basics in Adobe Premiere CC, Lecturer: Abdullah
Al-Shatti, at CAMS Training Center with Roaa team,
on 18-30 May 2015
3- Basic in Adobe After Effects CC, Lecturer: Yahia
Al-Refaie, Online course, 1-6 August 2016
4- 8 Secrets of Leaderships, Lecturer: Edward Rensi, at
Fetooh ballroom- Regency Hotel- Kuwait , On 17th
November 2014
5- Marketing With Taste, Lecturer: Dawn Hudson, at
Fetooh ballroom- Regency Hotel- Kuwait, On 16th
November 2014